Saturday, 11 April 2009



  1. Whoa ther laddie, yer speakin the lingo like a native, pert Edinbra, pert Eberdeen, n a wee smidgin ae Glesga. Ye'll need tae com' paye a veesit. Onytime yer weelcome tae these shores, n a'll be ther tae see ye right!

  2. = )

    i'd love to visit!

    i even have a great blue 'n green kilt made by Moffat Woollens, i like to wear it in the wintertime w/ orange longjohns!

    i saw a television show, where people are buying houses etc, & this show a couple was buying a flat in Edinbra -- wow, it was really great, above a pub w/ odd little windows & funny shaped rooms.

    i have promised myself that i will make it to the U.K. one day, i know i will, i have to!

    = )